Smithsonian Connection
In 2001, the Smithsonian Institution, the premier museum of American culture, technology and history, granted affiliate status to the Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation.

The Smithsonian Connection will allow the Atomic Testing Museum to receive collections on long-term basis, to exhibit traveling shows, and to participate in a variety of Smithsonian programs.
The Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation (NTSHF) was founded in 1998 to preserve the Nevada Test Site legacy. The Foundation is a Nevada nonprofit corporation, defined, operated, supervised and controlled pursuant to the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

OUR VISION - Stewards of History
Members of the NTSHF work as responsible stewards of the U.S. defense legacy by conserving the history of the Nevada Test Site and assuring public access by future generations to resources which define the nation's nuclear testing program.

- Preserve and Foster Accessibility
The mission of the NTSHF is to preserve and foster public accessibility to the history associated with the Nevada Test Site and the nation's nuclear weapons testing program. The NTS Foundation promotes and supports cultural, educational and scientific programming to encourage the development and public exchange of views regarding the Nevada Test Site and its impact on the nation.


The Foundation is dedicated to enhancing and supporting the programs and activities depicting the history of our nation's nuclear weapons testing program and recognizing the contributions of its people. In so doing, we affirm our dedication by:
• Applying creativity and commitment in support of activities which foster
open communication and public awareness;
• Pledging ourselves to high standards of integrity and ethics in
accomplishing our work;
• Providing a model of excellence in all that we do for others to emulate;
• Encouraging and rewarding innovation and risk-taking; and
• Promoting continuous improvement in all that we do.

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To learn about becoming a member of the NTSHF, click here for information, membership levels, and membership form.

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The Department of Energy offers free trips to the Nevada Test Site at the end of each month. You must sign up, in advance, and submit a little paperwork for a clearance. Please contact Brenda Carter at the local office of the Department of Energy at 702-295-0944.